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Bartending has always been a passion of mine ever since I picked up my first job as a barback in college. The energy and creative outlets it provided were just what I needed, so when I moved back to Los Angeles after completing my degree in Audio Engineering, I knew exactly what route I wanted to pursue--full-time bartending. Bartending not only gave me the ability to be creative with some amazing cocktails but also sparked a love of photography, which eventually launched into an IG page dedicated to all my cocktail creations: Cocktails By Hawk. It wasn't long before brands began taking notice and soon I was creating content full-time! When I'm not shaking up drinks or behind the camera, you can find me out on the golf course or exploring new restaurants around town.  All in all, 11 years of Bartending has taken me on an incredible journey from San Diego to the Bay Area, and now back to Los Angeles!

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